Sports Tech Research & Innovation Summit

The Sports Tech Research & Innovation Summit will bring together an exclusive group of open-minded academics, science-driven startup & industry professionals, and experienced field practitioners.

SAVE THE DATE: Summit 2022 will take place on the 14th and 15th of September 2022!

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Research to Market activities

For universities and other research institutes, we’ll provide the opportunity to present their newest findings in a ‘science and technology offer’ form.

Scientists and academic business developers will be able to present their project outcomes, while explaining aspects as:

  • the reasons for doing their research (and development);
  • the project key findings and learnings;
  • the advantages these findings could provide for the industry and for field practice professionals, athletes, citizens, etc.;
  • the IP position (if clear);
  • the future ambitions in terms of further R&D and commercialization or implementation objectives;
  • the type of people, fields of expertise and funding they’re looking for; and
  • their future visions on the role of academia within the sports and technology ecosystem.

A selective track on student (entrepreneurship) projects will be foreseen. In addition, researchers studying various aspects of the sports technology and innovation domain (innovation processes, ethical or legal aspects, etc.), will get the chance to present their findings and discussion points.

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University-Industry collaborations

Companies, startups and scale-ups will be able to present their newest products and services which have been the result of Research and Innovation activities, independent validation research and/or partnerships with academic or sports institutes.

Entrepreneurs, R&D and Innovation managers (among others) will be able to share their newest findings, experiences and (open) challenges, while explaining:

  • the organization’s strategy in which the innovation is placed;
  • their experiences from running the project;
  • the benefits the innovations are providing to (potential) customers;
  • their current challenges for which they seek external expertise from academic or non-academic experts;
  • their experiences with incubators, accelerators, investors, mentors, etc.;
  • the more long-term visions towards the future of sports and technology; and
  • their advice to policy makers, scientists, etc. in facilitating research and innovation processes and uptakes.

A selective track on early-stage, often still immature but highly innovative solutions will be foreseen.

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Sports Tech related needs from the field

Teams, federations, innovation hubs, etc. will be able to share their specific needs, challenges and broader ambitions from their respective fields, as an input for future R&D, product creation and implementation.

A selective group of health and performance managers, medical doctors, therapists, trainers, innovation managers or other people working in the field of sports and health will be able to communicate about various aspects as:

  • their latest in-house projects and results from using or (co-)developing particular technology solutions;
  • their experiences from working with research institutes, industry players, governments, etc.;
  • the way they are dealing with the increasing amount of products and services available on the market;
  • their current needs and wishes for which others could contact them;
  • their potential role in academic or industry led innovation projects; and
  • their advice to scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, etc. in designing new projects and solutions.

A selective track on amateur sports and consumers focused solutions will be foreseen.

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Summit 2022 in a nutshell

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