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What is STRN?

Sports Tech Research Network (STRN)
is a non-profit initiative bringing together research-driven professionals from Academia, Industry & Sports field practice, with the common goal to create, bring to market & implement the most trustworthy and effective sports technology solutions based on science. 

The network facilitates multi-disciplinary collaborations, resulting in new and valuable products & services available on the market.

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We combine knowledge from various academic disciplines with industry and field practice experience

  • Academia

    If you are a scientist who is not only focusing on excellent research and publications, but also on inspiring collaborations and the creation of real-life solutions, STRN is the place for you.
  • Industry

    If you want to be better involved with the academic community, and more connected with people in the field who love to use the most effective solutions out there, we’re ready to help.
  • Sports

    If you want to be more in touch with inspiring research, implementation, and (open) innovation projects for the benefit of sports and society, we’re happy to have you as a member.
  • Want to bring something to market? Let us know about your prototypes & related findings. We’re ready to help you define the best strategies and partners.
  • Dealing with particular Research & Innovation challenges? Let us know. We’re ready to tackle them with you.
  • Trying to spot the best solutions out there and/or willing to co-develop them? Bring some extra eyes and ears to the table here.

Our activities

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  • Matchmaking

  • Consulting

  • Webinars and events

  • News and blogs

  • Podcasts

  • LinkedIn Group

  • Project setups

  • Newsletter

Find out what we can do for you

Key technologies


Sensors & wearables

E & M Health

Tracking & video analysis

Fittech & Exergaming

Platforms & apps

Data science & algorithms

Medical imaging

Smart places & cities

Telemedicine & rehab

Personalized nutrition

... and many more!

Discover our latest news and insights

  1. STRN_Influence-wearables-individualization-training.png


    Call to participate in a research survey to Elucidate Influence of Wearables on Individualization of Training Procedures

  2. STRN_YourEnergyBudget-1.png


    Your energy budget: importance, monitoring issues, and the doubly labeled water solution

  3. STRN_Solid-protocol-in-football.jpg


    Solid protocol in football: a decentralized data storage system for implementing data backpacks

Upcoming events

We're creating our agenda for the upcoming year. Stay tuned!

Our main interests

Organization’s Expertise and Facilities

Funding options and Project formats

Sports practice & Industry challenges and Solutions

University-industry collaborations

Licensing and Spin-off opportunities

Theory to practice activities & Impact creation

Multi-disciplinary R&D and Cross-industry Innovation

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship


Join a growing number of research driven experts and organizations

  • Canadian Sport Institute Calgary
  • Elipsys Tech
  • Studio Dott
  • Voxdale
  • Cycling Vlaanderen
  • Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club
  • Ochy
  • Victoria University
  • Collective Innovation AS
  • Springbok Analytics
  • Bits of Love
  • KU Leuven
  • Archinisis
  • Universität Würzburg
  • SportaMundi
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Sport Product Testing
  • Imec
  • Kaasa Solution
  • Garmin Health
  • Labfront
  • Muscle Talent Scan
  • IDRO
  • Ledsreact
  • Hylyght
  • ThermoHuman
  • Suunto
  • Usono
  • ORYX Movement Solutions
  • Universität München
  • Alphabeats Works B.V.
  • Kinetic Analysis
  • Orange Sports Forum
  • STAR Heel Performance Lab at UNC
  • North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • Future of Sport Lab
  • FIFA
  • SciSports
  • WIMU
  • Theia Markerless
  • Oro Muscles
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Materialise Motion
  • Sport Vlaanderen
  • Ghent University
  • RunEASI
  • Track VU
  • Fibion Inc.
  • RBFA
  • My Jump Lab
  • Realtrack Systems
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Victoris

STRN promotes the concept of bringing together sports technology, health technology and medical technology, with the idea that those don’t necessarily have to be distinct from each other. That we can all be working in a sort of continuum between those areas.

Sylvia Blemker

Springbok Analytics

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