Past Sports Tech Events

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Past events

  1. Online meeting 1.png 14 Sep
    • Networking

    Meet & Greet: Online STRN networking event

    With this event, we hope you can make more valuable connections based on a match between interests and needs! Our primary focus is on our current members, but non-members can join in as well.
  2. Sports-Tech-Research-Innovation-Meetup.jpg 6 Jul
    • Offline event
    • Networking

    STRN Paris Meetup

    As many people will be in Paris during the week of the ECSS conference, we plan to gather in an informal way for a drink in one of the local bars. What's better than to catch up with old and news…
  3. Summit_STRN.png 14 Sep
    • Offline event
    • Summit

    Sports Tech Research & Innovation Summit 2022

    The Sports Tech Research & Innovation Summit will bring together an exclusive group of open-minded academics, science-driven startup & industry professionals, and experienced field…
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