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  1. STRN_Influence-wearables-individualization-training.png


    Call to participate in a research survey to Elucidate Influence of Wearables on Individualization of Training Procedures

    Due to individual variability in acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise and training at various cellular and organ levels, it is essential to individualize aspects of exercise and…
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  2. STRN_YourEnergyBudget-1.png


    Your energy budget: importance, monitoring issues, and the doubly labeled water solution

    To be an athlete in the age of technology–it’s great, right? Having the ability to obtain copious information about yourself constantly has been a game changer for many. From wearables to…
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  3. STRN_Solid-protocol-in-football.jpg


    Solid protocol in football: a decentralized data storage system for implementing data backpacks

    In the previous article Power to the player: empowering football players through data rights and data backpacks we discuss the data-driven era in football and the lack of player control over personal…
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  4. STRN_Power-to-the-player.jpg


    Power to the player: empowering football players through data rights and data backpacks

    Professional football is currently in a data-driven era, with player metrics and performance statistics being heavily utilized by clubs and coaching staff to make strategic decisions. However, players…
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  5. STRN_Project-Setup-Canvas-large.jpg


    Enhancing Sports and Health Innovation: Introducing the Project Setup Template

    In the dynamic realm of sports and health technology, collaboration among individuals from diverse backgrounds, including academia, startups/industry, and sports/health fields, is commonplace. While…
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  6. STRN Meet & Greet Online networking event


    Expand your network at the STRN Meet & Greet

    In a world driven by innovation and collaboration, the importance of connections cannot be underestimated. With the Sports Tech Research Network, we want to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds…
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  7. STRN_Infographic-24_Monitoring-kinematical-and-physiological-signs.jpg


    Monitoring kinematical and physiological signs of sports with flexible and wearable sensors

    Flexible and wearable sensors have seen remarkable advancements in recent years. What are the current developments in utilizing these sensors in monitoring the kinematical and physiological signals of…
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  8. White-paper-preview-STRN.jpg


    Experts collaborate to establish the Sports Technology Quality Framework

    A Sports Tech Quality Framework has been developed in collaboration with industry experts by means of a Delphi study. In a recently released White paper, the framework is introduced as a standardized,…
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  9. STRN_Infographic_25_Wearable-technologies-predictive-algorithms-core-body-termperature.jpg


    A systematic review of wearable sensor technology to predict core body temperature (CBT)

    Thousands of people worldwide are affected by heat-related illnesses. Core body temperature (CBT) measurement through wearable devices is shown to predict these illnesses, but what about the efficacy…
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