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  1. Potentials of digitalization in sports medicine - cover.jpg


    Potentials of digitalization in sports medicine

    Digitalization of medicine is ongoing, but which key application domains will be impacted in the future by digital technologies? How can adoption be improved?
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  2. Spinoffs in sports tech #2 - Loewi.png


    Spin-offs in Sports Tech #2: Loewi

    Introduction For this second article in our series about academic spin-offs in sports, we spoke with Adrian Kapsalis. Adrian is one of the co-founders of Loewi, where they are making personalized…
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  3. Collaboration - entrepreneurial ecosystems.jpg


    The contribution of entrepreneurial ecosystems to sports start-ups

    Entrepreneurial ecosystems for sports start-ups contribute to innovation and success. The digital aspect is needed for maximally leveraging connections.
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  4. Jaime Sampaio - UTAD - centered.png


    Tracking human movement in sports-related activities

    Human movement technology has various applications and products, but what are the key themes and opportunities? How can these tracking technologies be improved?
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  5. Optimizing workload and reducing injury with wearable sensors data - cover.jpg


    Optimizing workload and reducing injury with wearable sensors data

    Reducing injury by optimizing the workload of athletes is useful. In which areas can data from wearable sensors & analytics contribute to this?
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  6. An introduction to Sports Tech Research in Australia & New Zealand.jpeg


    An introduction to Sports Tech Research in Australia & New Zealand

    Sports Tech in Australia is big: plenty of businesses and institutes that are working on innovative solutions, but which are the key areas of research?
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  7. Spinoff Hylyght - Lode Goossens.png


    Spin-offs in Sports Tech #1: Hylyght

    One of the co-founders of the Sports Tech Spin-off Hylyght was interviewed and this article shares the key insights and lessons for the future & best practices.
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  8. Yewande Adesida - Imperial College London.png


    The development of strain sensors in sports

    Inertial measurement units (IMUs) have been the standard in sports for years, but strain sensors are rather new - what are these, and what are the limitations?
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  9. Hyperoxia device - cover.jpg


    Hyperoxia research converted into a device

    Acute hyperoxia on sports performance seems to provide small benefits - a device has been developed so that more research can expand the current findings.
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