Terms of Service

Article 1. Scope of application of these general conditions

These general conditions apply to all activities organized by STRN.

Artikel 2. STRN Membership subscription

Every person, from any country, belonging to an organization active in Sports Tech can request to become a member of STRN. The criteria and fees to become a member are mentioned on this website. The fees are excluded of VAT and taxes.

The STRN Board reserves the right to refuse a person or organization to become a member.

A membership can be requested using the membership form on this website. If the form is correctly filled out and forwarded, a confirmation message will appear on your screen and you will receive a confirmation email. At the latest one week after the confirmation message, you will receive an email about your formal entry as a member.

You will receive an invoice with your membership fee. The membership fee must be paid at the latest 30 days after receiving your invoice receipt.

Your membership starts on the date of the receipt of your payment.

It is not allowed to delegate an individual membership to another person, nor to replace an individual member by someone else.

Organizational members have one official representative. Participation in events, meetings, communities and content contributions are limited to 10 employees of the organization. Every employee must register themselves after the Organization officially becomes a member.

Artikel 3. STRN membership renewal

One month before the end of your membership, you will receive an email to renew your membership. Your membership will be renewed for one year after the receipt of your payment. In case no payment has been received after 30 days of the renewal email, your membership will become inactive.

An inactive member has no longer access to events, meetings, communities and content. He will still receive the STRN newsletters.

In case an active or non-active member no longer wants to receive the STRN newsletter, he can unsubscribe by clicking the respective button at the end of the newsletter itself.

Artikel 4. Subscription to STRN events

You can register for an activity of STRN via the registration form on the website. If the form is completed and forwarded correctly, a confirmation message will appear on your screen and you will receive a confirmation email.

Approximately one week before the start of the activity you will receive a confirmation of your participation via email with practical information.

  • The fee rate of each event is indicated on the website.
  • Some of the events are free for members.
  • For some events, non-members will be allowed against a fee
  • Payment is made upon receipt of the invoice and prior to the start of the event. In case of cancellation, the full amount is due, unless the cancellation has been made 7 days or more in advance of the event. The registrant can only be replaced by a colleague after approval by STRN.
  • To ensure the quality of the events, the number of places is limited. Out of respect for the speakers, the organizers and the people we have to refuse, we ask the registered people to keep their commitment.

Article 5. Cancellation by STRN

In case of insufficient registrations or unforeseen absence of the speaker STRN can cancel the event or activity. You will be informed of this by email or by phone. You will receive a voucher for the next activity or your registration fee will be refunded. 

Article 6. Change of registration

If you cannot be present at the activity, you can send a colleague in your place after approval by STRN. Please notify us of this change by mail.

Article 7. Cancellation of your registration for an event or paid training free of charge

Free cancellation is possible up to 1 month before the start of the event or training. This can be done through your personal web space "MySTRN". For later cancellation, 100% of the registration fee is due.

Article 8. Proof and applicable law

Belgian law shall apply. In case of disputes or litigation, only the courts of Brussels are competent.

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