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The Sports Tech Research Podcast provides you with the latest insights coming from academic and non-academic experts working at universities, innovation centers, business schools, companies, startups, federations, etc.

We mainly talk about multi-disciplinary collaborations, licensing and spin-offs, validation research, research-related expertise and centers, or about implementation of technologies within sports & society. Tune in to learn from the most innovative academic and industry professionals!

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  1. STRP_36_1014x675_Torstein-Dalen-Lorentsen.png


    Torstein Dalen Lorentsen - University-industry collaborations in sports & health at SINTEF Digital

    Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen is the Research Manager, Health and Performance Technology at SINTEF Digital in Oslo (Norway). Having a background in sports practice, science and technology…
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  2. STRP_35_Blog-small_Karl_Etzel.png


    Karl Etzel - Managing research across human performance, health and corporate wellness topics

    Karl Etzel is the VP of the Human Performance Lab at Exos (San Francisco, USA) which conducts research on products, programs, and services in the areas of human performance, health and…
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  3. STRP_34_Blog-small_Fibion_Olli-Tikkanen.png


    Olli Tikkanen - Insights from the Physical Activity Researcher Podcast

    Olli Tikkanen is the host of the Physical Activity Researcher podcast, where he speaks to experts in physical activity, exercise, and health to find out about the latest research findings.…
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  4. STRP - Podcast episode 33 small 1014x675.png


    Fee Beyer - Key lessons from the Fee Beyer SportsTech Podcast

    Fee Beyer is hosting her own 'Fee Beyer SportTech Podcast', in which she is interviewing a variety of (elite) sports professionals.  So, she was the perfect (3rd) guest in our 2nd series of…
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  5. STRP - episode 32 visual small.png


    Ed Gibbins - Lessons learned from the Rewire Fitness Podcast

    Ed Gibbins is the host of Rewire Fitness Podcast, linked to Rewire Fitness, the first-to-market neuro performance mobile platform for athletes. Ed is the second guest in our 2nd series…
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  6. Episode 31 large.png


    Benjamin Penkert - Insights from The SportsTech Allstars Podcast (SportsTechX)

    Benjamin Penkert is well known as the host of The SportsTech Allstars Podcast, linked to SportsTechX, the market intelligence company for professionals & investors in sports, which he is…
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  7. STRP Episode 30 - large.png


    Steven Verstockt - Developing multimodal analytics methodologies for sports

    Steven Verstockt is a Professor at Ghent University, where he is leading a multimodal analytics research group. Steven talks about the kind of methodologies they develop in the lab,…
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  8. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 29.png


    Johann Windt - Creating long-term value with different stakeholders through Data Science

    Johann Windt is the Head of Data Science at the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, a Canadian professional soccer team playing in the Major League Soccer (MLS).
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  9. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 28.png


    Ismael Fernández Cuevas - Infrared thermography in sports science, health, and research

    Ismael Fernández Cuevas is the Co-Founder of ThermoHuman, an infrared thermography and thermal analytics company for injury prevention in sports science, medicine, and physiotherapy.
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