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  1. Apps that motivate - cover.jpg


    Which features are underused in mobile fitness & health applications?

    Fitness and health apps have been booming over the last couple of years, but what are the key features in these apps that can actually motivate people?
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  2. Measuring biomechanical loads - cover.jpg


    Measuring biomechanical loads and their impact in sports: from lab to field

    Measuring biomechanical loads in the lab is popular in sports, but there is still a lack of field-based tissue and structural loads metrics.
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  3. Open Science & Open Innovation - cover.jpg


    How Open Science and Open Innovation can be combined to link dispersed knowledge

    Open Innovation in Science (OIS) can improve academia & industry collaborations, but how can the current boundaries be overcome? This framework shows the way.
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  4. Decision-making framework - cover.jpg


    A decision-making framework for implementing technology in sports

    Implementing information technologies in sports has a couple of key pitfalls that can be avoided - find out what these are and how to overcome them
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  5. Jan De Bruyne & Michiel Fierens - Legal and ethical considerations concerning AI in sports.png


    Legal and ethical considerations concerning AI in sports

    What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Sports? AI-based systems have several applications in sports, such as scouting, coaching, and decision-making.
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  6. Kristof De Mey - Cheri Bradish - The need for a global sports tech research network.png


    The Need For A Global Sports Tech Research Network: The Case for STRN

    STRN is a global sports tech research network contributing to the creation of innovative and effective sports technologies by combining research and industry.
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  7. Underexposed aspects of Wearable Activity Trackers - Where's your win.jpeg


    Underexposed aspects of Wearable Activity Trackers: Where's your win?

    Activity tracker research delivers plenty of new insights for the industry and consumers - find out about the key insights on quality and effectiveness.
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  8. New Sports Tech Research Podcast kicked off.png


    New Sports Tech Research Podcast kicked off

    The Sports Tech Research Podcast is a Sports Podcast that combines the Sports, Technology, and Business perspectives to make the industry more transparent.
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  9. An introduction to Sports Tech Research in Europe (Part 2).png


    An introduction to Sports Tech Research in Europe (Part 2)

    Sports Tech Research in Europe happens across different institutes and countries and is boosting sports technology innovation - but which are the key players?
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