Summit Speakers

As the event is focused on science based sports tech innovation, we are happy to welcome a variety of speakers and panelists coming from academia, industry and field practice.

  • Wim Derave
    Wim Derave
    Muscle physiology; sport nutrition; leader of the VICTORIS sport research valorization consortium at Ghent University
  • Peter Düking
    Peter Düking
    Professor for Exercise & Training Science at Technical Uni of Braunschweig. Investigating the application of data to individualize training
  • Benjamin Greenhough
    Benjamin Greenhough
    Head of Sports Research at Rezzil
  • Jessica Zendler
    Jessica Zendler
    Biomechanist, engineer, researcher. Science-driven sport & health tech, validation, best practices, education, communication, safety.
  • Simon Helleputte
    Simon Helleputte
    Postdoctoral researcher @GhentUniversity @FWOVlaanderen | PhD in Type 1 Diabetes - CV Health - CGM - Exercise Physiology-Metabolism.
  • Leon Brudy
    Leon Brudy
    Business Development Manager - Garmin Health
  • Dhruv Seshadri
    Dhruv Seshadri
    Wearable Devices | Bioelectronics | Digital Health
  • Daniel Westmattelmann
    Daniel Westmattelmann
    Assistant Professor at University of Münster & Co-Founder at Veelz
  • Joeri Tulkens
    Joeri Tulkens
    PhD in Health Sciences | Co-Founder IntelliProve
  • Thibault Fouquaert
    Thibault Fouquaert
    Teaching assistant & PhD Researcher Sportmanagement UGent. Keen interest in innovation, technology, sports, market research and coaching/teaching.
  • Marcus Schmidt
    Marcus Schmidt
    Expert in the development, validation and application of MEMS/sensor systems in sports - TU Dortmund
  • Stefanie Broes
    Stefanie Broes
    Founder at moonbird - health and well-being for all, one breath at a time
  • Wouter Timmerman
    Wouter Timmerman
    PhD Student @ Edith Cowan University. Former Belgian international junior triathlete with a passion for endurance sports & their underpinning science.
  • Matthias Gilgien
    Matthias Gilgien
    Norwegian School of Sport Sciences / Norwegian Alpine Ski Team / Engadin Health and Innovation Foundation.
  • Steven Vandeput
    Steven Vandeput
    Advisor Extramuros & Digital Health at beMedTech. Passionate about digital health and MedTech innovation.
  • David Lipman
    David Lipman
    Health and Human Performance Specialist | Using Storytelling to Create Impact
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