Sports Tech Research Podcast

The Sports Tech Research Podcast provides you with the latest insights coming from academic and non-academic experts working at universities, innovation centers, business schools, companies, startups, federations, etc.

We mainly talk about multi-disciplinary collaborations, licensing and spin-offs, validation research, research-related expertise and centers, or about implementation of technologies within sports & society. Tune in to learn from the most innovative academic and industry professionals!

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  1. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 9.png


    Martin O'Reilly - Creating a successful sports wearable tech spinout

    Martin O’Reilly calls himself 'a passionate sports-wearables and analytics entrepreneur and researcher'. And he is! As a CEO & Co-Founder at Output Sports, which is a…
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  2. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 8.png


    Patrick Burge - Sports Innovation from theory to practice

    Working for Progressive Sports Technologies and many other organizations, Patrick Burge has broad experience in topics as Innovation, Strategy, Startup and Scale-up Financing,…
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  3. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 7.png


    Adam Karg - Research & Innovation in the Sports Management and Technology area

    Working in the Sport Innovation Research group at the Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Adam Karg is closely involved in various research projects in collaboration with the…
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  4. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 6.png


    Jeroen Stragier - Wearables & analytics in digital health, sport and physical activity

    Being a Senior researcher at Ghent University in the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Jeroen Stragier has worked on various aspects such as…
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  5. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 5.png


    Benjamin Kinsky - Studying the Sports Innovation Ecosystem

    What's the status quo of sports innovation ecosystems, from both a theoretical and practical perspective? Benjamin Kinsky (Bundeswehr University Munich) is finishing his PhD on this…
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  6. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 4.png


    Giorgi Khubua - Starting, growing & selling a university (student) FitTech startup

    In order to have student sports entrepreneurship flourish, it helps to have some good practices and examples. Giorgi Khubua and his team created one with their smart mirror solution…
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  7. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 3.png


    Jack Goodloe-Haßmann - The ins & outs of Research & Innovation at Puma

    Jack Goodloe-Haßmann, Senior Manager Consumer Insights at Puma (at the time we spoke), explains his approach and vision within the Puma R&D process. We discussed the interaction…
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  8. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 2.png


    Lode Goossens - The role of research in youth sports talent identification

    During this episode of the podcast, Lode Goossens talks about the transition from the Ghent University spin-off SpartaNova to the re-start of the company under the name 'Hylyght'. We talked about the…
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  9. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 1.png


    Ted Hayduk - Bridging the gap between research & the sports world through data

    During this podcast episode, Ted Hayduk, Assistant Professor at the Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport (New York University) discusses his research in the areas of sports entrepreneurship…
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