Sports Tech Research Podcast

The Sports Tech Research Podcast provides you with the latest insights coming from academic and non-academic experts working at universities, innovation centers, business schools, companies, startups, federations, etc.

We mainly talk about multi-disciplinary collaborations, licensing and spin-offs, validation research, research-related expertise and centers, or about implementation of technologies within sports & society. Tune in to learn from the most innovative academic and industry professionals!

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  1. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 18.png


    Sam Robertson - Analytics to improve skill acquisition and how to evaluate usable technologies

    Sam Robertson is a professor of Sports Analytics at Victoria University and its consulting, learning & implementation arm Track. His research interests focus on the application of…
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  2. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 17.png


    Tom Jelliffe - Entrepreneurship, academia, and bringing the most durable earphones to the market

    Tom Jelliffe is the founder of Tzuka, a start-up that will launch its durable earphones very soon. In this episode, we spoke about the story behind his company and product innovation. We…
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  3. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 16.png


    Cheri Bradish - Women in Sports & Tech and the value of partnerships

    Dr. Cheri Bradish is the Loretta Rogers Research Chair in Sport Marketing at Ryerson University. As a sport marketing expert, she is interested in sport business strategy and trends…
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  4. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 15.png


    Michael Naraine - What's missing in the Sports Tech Management Research field?

    Michael Naraine, Assistant Professor in Sport Management at Brock University  (Canada) already performed research in a high variety of sports technology-related topics, such as marketing…
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  5. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 14.png


    Liz Wanless - Natural Language Processing: research and business opportunities

    Liz Wanless is an Assistant Professor of Sports Administration and Assistant Director for Analytics at Ohio University, where she’s involved in various sports…
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  6. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 13.png


    Stina Lundgren Högbom & Mikael Mattsson - Connecting the dots in the Swedish Sports Tech ecosystem (& beyond)

    In this episode of the podcast, I talked with Stina Lundgren Högbom (Global Relationship Manager at the Health & Sports Technology Initiative in Blekinge, Sweden) and Mikael…
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  7. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 12.png


    Koen Huybrechts - Creating spin-offs from imec's high-tech R&D

    Koen Huybrechts is leading the venture development team at Imec. In this episode, we talked about which type of activities they organize to facilitate venture creation, the success factors and…
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  8. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 11.png


    Chad Goebert - AR / VR / MR in Sports - Where's research in relation to industry?

    Chad Goebert is one of the few PhD students who's working on Immersive Sport Technologies research. He’s doing this at the Virginia Commonwealth University in the US, from where…
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  9. Sports Tech Research Podcast episode 10.png


    Kim Blair - Finding the best way to create new sports tech products & services

    Kim Blair is one of the most experienced people in the sports engineering & technology area worldwide. He has worked for many organizations including NASA, MIT, and various consultancy…
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