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What is STRN?

Sports Tech Research Network (STRN)
is a non-profit initiative bringing together research-driven professionals from Academia, Industry & Sports field practice, with the common goal to create, bring to market & implement the most trustworthy and effective sports technology solutions based on science. 

The network facilitates multi-disciplinary collaborations, resulting in new and valuable products & services available on the market.

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We combine knowledge from various academic disciplines with industry experience

  • For movement & sports science, sports medicine, or physical therapy & rehabilitation scientists

    For Sports Science & Movement, Sports Medicine, or Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation scientists dealing with technological topics in biomechanics, exercise physiology and training, motor learning and talent identification, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports psychology, physical education and coaching, etc.
  • For engineers, data scientists and computer scientists

    For Engineers, Data and Computer Scientists in areas such as sensor and wearable technology development, data analytics and communication technologies, virtual and augmented reality, smart venues and cities, tracking systems, video analysis, etc. when it comes to sports applications.
  • For sports business and management researchers

    For Sports Business and Management Researchers specialized in topics such as strategy and innovation, technology transfer, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting, etc. related to sports technology use cases.

Our activities

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  • Matchmaking

  • Consulting

  • Webinars and events

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Our main interests

Organization’s Expertise and Facilities

Funding options and Project formats

Sports practice & Industry challenges and Solutions

University-industry collaborations

Licensing and Spin-off opportunities

Theory to practice activities & Impact creation

Multi-disciplinary R&D and Cross-industry Innovation

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Discover our latest news and insights

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    Potentials of digitalization in sports medicine

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    Spin-offs in Sports Tech #2: Loewi

  3. Collaboration - entrepreneurial ecosystems.jpg


    The contribution of entrepreneurial ecosystems to sports start-ups

  1. An introduction to Sports Tech Research in Australia & New Zealand.jpeg


    An introduction to Sports Tech Research in Australia & New Zealand

  2. Kristof De Mey - Cheri Bradish - The need for a global sports tech research network.png


    The Need For A Global Sports Tech Research Network: The Case for STRN

  3. An introduction to Sports Tech Research in Europe (Part 2).png


    An introduction to Sports Tech Research in Europe (Part 2)

Upcoming events

  1. Connecting Academia, Industry, and Sports practice Discussion and Q&A (2).jpg 21 Oct
    • Webinar

    Connecting Academia, Industry, and Sports practice: Discussion and Q&A

    Get to know STRN, our early members' expectations and contributions, and our upcoming initiatives. Meet new people and ask questions you still have!
  2. Meet & Greet event.jpg 25 Nov
    • Networking

    Meet & Greet: Connect with STRN Members

    Connect with other STRN Members in your field of expertise. Share your experience, needs, and interests, and have short conversations with interesting people!

Join a growing number of research driven experts and organizations

  • CASS Business School
  • Imec
  • Fontys
  • SportaMundi
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • KU Leuven
  • Brock University
  • Victoris
  • Realtrack Systems
  • RS Scan
  • FIFA
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Puma
  • Universität Würzuburg
  • SciSports
  • Suunto
  • Ryerson University
  • Ghent University
  • Universität München
  • Bournemouth University
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