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  1. Machine-learning-methods-in-sports-injury-prevention.jpg


    Machine learning methods in sports injury prediction and prevention

    Machine learning (ML) methods could be helpful in injury prediction and prevention, so which ML methods are currently used and are they accurate?
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  2. Sports Information Sytems-A Review.jpg


    Sports Information Systems: a comparison for categorization

    Requirements for Sports Information Systems (SIS) are very heterogeneous, so which fields, features and functions do SIS actually cover?
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  3. Stakeholder engagement in sport and exercise medicine.jpg


    The role of stakeholder engagement in sport and exercise medicine

    The right amount of stakeholder engagement is crucial for innovation in sports and exercise medicine, but how to identify the right amount?
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  4. Artificial Intelligence Sports Medicine.jpg


    The use of artificial intelligence in sports medicine

    Artificial Intelligence techniques can transform the field of orthopaedics and sports medicine, but to which aspects will AI add the most value?
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  5. Novel technology in sports biomechanics.jpg


    Novel technology in sports biomechanics: some words of caution

    Several new technologies to measure biomechanics have come into existence, but how to make a decision on which one to use in practice and how to use it?
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  6. Resistance training monitoring devices reviewed.jpg


    Commercial resistance training monitoring devices reviewed

    The availability of commercially available resistance training monitoring devices has been increasing, but their validity and reliability are questionable. 
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  7. Global standards for wearable devices.jpg


    A Global Standard for Wearable Devices in Sport and Exercise Medicine

    Wearable devices have become very popular but the complexity of devices and data types is increasing, leading to more difficult comparisons and validations.
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  8. Bridging the gap between research and practice in sports (2).jpg


    Bridging the gap between research and practice in sports

    Clubs and sports organizations are making a transition towards the performance-oriented model in their organizational structure, and research provides advice.
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  9. Potentials of digitalization in sports medicine - cover.jpg


    Potentials of digitalization in sports medicine

    Digitalization of medicine is ongoing, but which key application domains will be impacted in the future by digital technologies? How can adoption be improved?
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