For this 2022 edition of the Sports Tech Research & Innovation Summit, we’re excited to be welcoming you in Ghent (Belgium). More specifically, WATT The Firms, a modern event location in the heart of the city will be (y)our place to be, offering 2 days full of inspiring content and enjoyable interactions. 

WATT The Firms, probably the coolest offices in Ghent

Being the home of the SportaMundi non-profit organization and close to the Sport Science Laboratory - Jacques Rogge at Ghent Univlersity, WATT The Firms is easily accessible by car (near the city ring) and is within walking distance of the center of Ghent, which also has great public transport accessibility.



Focus on 'people first'

We believe innovation is mainly happening between people who know and trust each other. Therefore, the event will offer ‘more than usual time’ for personal conversations.

First of all, meeting time is structurally built into our program, with breakout sessions (group discussions), and matchmaking activities (1 on 1 meeting time) during the two days.

Secondly, our evening and social activities will offer the opportunity to meet ‘the people behind’ the projects and technologies. 


Respect for privacy and confidentiality

With this Summit, we’d like to move beyond the buzz words and the ‘look at me, I’m the best’ type of presentations. Instead, we promote to talk about uncertainties, challenges and ambitions, so others could pick in with relevant information, contacts, ideas,...

We realize that first of all, some courage is needed to do this. On the other hand, having the right context for this is crucial. Therefore, we’ll do whatever is necessary to offer a safe and trustworthy environment.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information regarding this matter.


A mix of science, technology and entrepreneurship with a passion for sports & society

In a mix of plenary and breakout sessions, we’ll offer the opportunity to step (at least a bit) out of your comfort zone, meeting that person from a totally different discipline, sport, sector, or other.

Ghent, Europe’s best kept secret according to Lonely Planet, offers a fascinating cultural cocktail brimming with trendy, modern urban life. It’s a city that feels human, authentic and friendly.

And so, we welcome anyone (whatever background) who is interested in learning more about science based sports technologies, and their role within this exciting ecosystem.

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